Avalon Condominium tourist pearl of the Cayman Islands

The stay at Avalon Condominiums was EXcellent!!! The staff was very curteous. They made me and my husband feel like a king and queen. I have been on other trips and this has been the best trip thus far fagubigemeds.info. I have never been treated so well by staff in life. I am so amazed and pleased. There was so many activities to do at the Avalon Condominiums hotel (more info businesstravelnews.com/Hotels/Seven-Mile-Beach-Cayman-Islands/The-Avalon-Condominiums-p50898832. We went off the resort and did some water activities but lots to do there too. Every night they have some form of fun enteratainment for the tourists in the lobby. At Avalon Condominiums, they stop by your room and fill up your refrigerator with beverages for free, the food was amazingly good. You get to chose from 6 different restaurants free of charge included in package deal. You get gourment dishes people! all the alochol you can drink before you drop day n day out, breakfast menu changes every day which is great. Its a real breakfast omeletes, waffles, pankcakes, whatever you want however you like it. Its a buffet style at breakfast and at 1 or 2 restaurants. Other restaurants you order from a menu. After you eat one meal you won’t have room to order a 2nd one even though you could. Food is unlimiited. They got 4 different bars. All the mix drinks there is beer wine whatver people! 1 or 2 of the bars stay open till 5 am. Party, party, party!!!!! I can’t wait to go back!!!!!! just a FYI. when you go to montego bay bring small bills (lots). also go off the resort to see the beautiful country. There is a shuttle to take u to Avalon hotel. I am really happy to have spent my holiday at this hotel, and even more pleased that nytimes.com/real-estate/cym/gr/other-grand-cayman/homes-for-rent/avalon-seven-mile-beach/2836-CD4D3E and get your best travel experience.

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